It is advisable to maintain some distance from Cologne and Toxic Perfumes as they can be an addiction

Do you really feel that your behaviour is being controlled by your perfume or cologne? Do you really feel that the perfume you are using is addictive? The different fragrance that we use functions differently in the human body. There are some points which we help us to know how do perfumes affect and control humans.

Narcotic substances are present in the fragrance:

The chemicals that are present in the fragrance contains substances which have the properties of narcotics. The amount of narcotics produced is not very high but it makes an individual dependent on the fragrance which makes the person use the same fragrance on a repetitive basis and does not allow to withdraw. According to a study it was found that the fast-moving consumer goods like perfume, cologne, nail polishes, nail polish remover, air freshener, detergent soap, body lotion, bathing soap etc contain chemicals such as linalool, ethyl acetate and benzaldehyde which contains narcotic properties.

The manufacturers of fragrance add numerous chemicals to it, the effects of which on the human body is known to the manufacturer, the formula of making a fragrance is a trick which is easily sellable and hence the same is not disclosed. The fragrance contains hundreds of ingredients which together are of addictive nature, any single ingredient of is not much of a concern.

Usage of Perfume or Cologne should be avoided when we are around somebody who has MCS.

It is very difficult to keep away people from using perfumes of cologne around someone who is suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). People often deny that they won’t stop using perfumes as they are already addicted to a particular fragrance, or in many cases, people often forget to keep a check on the usage of cologne or perfumes. It then becomes difficult for people with MCS to stay around people who are addicted to perfumes.

Difference between Compassion and Addiction.

Compassion refers to the feeling of sensitivity towards any homeless or stray dogs and cats which is very helpful in many projects of charity, compassion can also be towards our parents or grandparents, but the effect of the fragrance of perfume has almost negligible compassion. The addiction of cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol are no less from that of the addiction of perfume or cologne. The person who is addicted to a drug would not let anybody stop him from consuming any particular drug the same is the case in addiction to a perfume or cologne.

The fragrance is addictive emotionally as well.

The fragrance of any deodorant or perfume is not only physically addictive but is addictive emotionally as well. The fragrance is addictive emotionally as the fragrance enters the subconscious part of the brain through the olfactory pathway which is present there in the brain. The lining of the olfactory pathway helps us in responding to a fragrance involuntarily. The limbic system which is the primitive region first receives the olfactory nerves. The limbic system deals with motivation, memory and emotions, and is situated below the cerebral cortex. The emotional tone of a person helps in regulating and determining the limbic system. The limbic system helps us in the formation of memories and the identification of various senses. The limbic system helps in responding to fragrance and also helps in the association of memories which is why fragrance and memory are interrelated. In other words, when we smell a fragrance it also affects us emotionally and if we have any memory attached to a particular fragrance we will be able to easily recall the same.

Stimulating compounds are also present in perfumes and cologne.

t has been found when the zookeepers of the zoo named Toronto zoo sprayed Calvin Klein perfume, it has more obsession as compared to any other perfume and it stimulates the activity of reproduction. Similar is the case in Dallas zoo where the cat was so attracted to a towel which had the fragrance of the perfume Calvin Klein Men which proves that not only the humans but then the animals even are addicted or attracted to a particular perfume or cologne. The reaction of animals to perfume helps us to know that the manufacturers are producing such a fragrance which attracts us physiologically and emotionally as well.

Best cologne for men contains molecules which are small and organic and is known as Pheromones which helps in the stimulation of sexual desire in both humans and animals which is confirmed by the manufacturer that there is a nerve called the Nerve O which is the secret sex nerve present in the back of the nasal cavity which is stimulated with the presence of Pheromones in the perfumes. It helps in finding a perfect partner for oneself. It stimulates the desire of getting intimate with one’s better half and the person is not conscious about the happenings. The functions of pheromones present in the perfume, especially in the case of women perfume have been tried and tested in the year 2004 in the study of women postmenopausal which helped us in knowing that by using pheromones in the perfumes the affection of romance has been increased in their life. As the perfumes contain pheromones it stimulates the sexual desires and also contains substances of narcotics which is very addictive.

What makes cologne and perfumes so popular?

The human body has its own scent which is not pleasant because of which people are crazy about using perfumes. Putting on perfume helps in defining that we are very clean and tidy. A clean house or a clean cloth must have a distinctive fragrance which helps in the reassurance that the cloth or the house is clean. Using perfume when one is getting dressed up makes dressing up complete.


Perfumes and colognes contain a very strong fragrance which affects humans emotionally, psychologically and also affects the hormonal health of an individual. The effects are the same for somebody who uses it and for someone who smells it, but there are some negative impacts of the fragrance of a perfume or cologne on humans such as headache, eating compulsively, not being able to think clearly, congestion of sinus etc. The usage of any perfume or cologne when applied Perfectly should be very moderate so that there are no negative impacts of the same.…

Boulder Perfumer Creates Scent Culture Wins for Colorado

Perfume making is a science as well as an art and many people look for local unique perfumes that are not generic and have a rare and pleasurable scent. Many people tend to buy popular perfumes like Miss Dior and Channel No. 5 but buying perfumes from world-class perfumers who sell locally is always a great option. One of the top perfumers in America is Spencer Hurwitz. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is the owner of DSH Perfumes and has had a nearly 30-year career in perfume making. She has made thousands of perfumes over the years and has a loyal clientele looking for top perfumes made of natural ingredients. This perfumer resides in Boulder Colorado but has won many international perfume awards and is famous all over the world.


The Essential Studio

Spencer Hurwitz is a synesthete which is a rare sensory ability that makes her see colors when she smells fragrances. This pioneer of American Indie Perfumery can smell perfume and determine the various ingredients that have been added to make the perfume as she has made thousands of perfumes in her career. The Essence Studio is a small brick storefront located on North Broadway in Boulder Colorado. The store is designed in such a way that it has a vintage vibe with a beautiful overhead chandelier, a green vintage couch and is a completely different type of store than an average departmental store that sells perfume. Tourists not just from various states in America but from places like Belgium visit the store especially to buy the various types of perfumes sold at the store. Spencer Hurwitz personally harvests the botanicals that are needed for the perfumes and the essential oils are distilled by Eric Bresselsmith.

Clientele and Internships

The store has had a loyal clientele for decades. Recently Spencer Hurwitz created a perfume which had been discontinued especially for a client in her 90s who used to use it when she was a girl. The Essence Studio is very famous and the clientele is not restricted to locals from Boulder but also tourists visiting Boulder from all over the world. The clientele includes documentary filmmakers, writers, and artists and many noted personalities from all over the world. Over the last few decades, many famous people have done internships at the store including former costume designer Amber Jobin who is now an award-winning perfumer in Denver.
Colorado – An Award-Winning Perfume by Spencer Hurwitz

American Perfumer asked Spencer Hurwitz to create a scent that captures the culture and spirit of the state of Colorado. A scent called Colorado was created by Spencer Hurwitz and this scent has become very popular and was given the Golden Pear award at the 6th Annual Art and Olfaction Award in Amsterdam. The perfume has a musky and clean scent which includes many types of ingredients that are found in the state of Colorado. The perfume became so popular that the limited edition batch was sold out and there are talks about a second batch of the famous perfume. Some enthusiasts could also get a whiff of the perfume at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s “Museum After Dark: Perception” exhibit gala.

Famous Perfumes by Spencer Hurwitz

Besides Colorado, there are many other perfumes that have been made by this perfumer that have become very popular all over the country. This includes Wild Coyote which is made primarily by using the famous Ylang Ylang flower. Other notes in this perfume include magnolia, yellow orchids, jasmine, golden champaca, frankincense, sandalwood, and vanilla. Another top perfume from this brand is the Avocado Toast. As the name suggests this perfume is created to pay homage to the famous Avocado Toast which is a popular breakfast and brunch item these days. This perfume scent was considered a Hipster Skin Scent as it is a fresh, creamy and juicy scent with a toasty warm caramelization complimentary vibe to it. It also has notes of coffee and earl grey tea that is often had with Avocado Toast for breakfast in the morning.

Perfumes are generally created using fruits and plants but perfume is not just about the ingredients but about creating a story and inspiration that reminds people wearing the perfume about something special. Spencer Hurwitz is a top perfume maker in America and has been influential in the indie perfumery scene in the country.…

The Glorious Scent of Summer, according to Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer

Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion brands in the world that has a history of more than 150 years. It one of the world’s most valuable luxuries brands and has over 450 stores all over the world in around 50 countries. Louis Vuitton sells shoes, iconic bags, and luggage, clothes, and perfume to name a few of its main

products. The perfume department of Louis Vuitton sells some of the best perfumes in the world and Jacques Cavallier Belletrud is the leading master perfumer at Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton has introduced the Les Colognes range of perfumes that showcase the glorious scent of summer and is inspired the American west coasts especially the state of California. The following are some of the details about this new range of perfumes:
California as an Inspiration

California is known for its long coastline and sunny beaches. It is the place where beach boys and girls in glorious bikinis look to catch the next wave in the summer months relaxingly spent on the beach. The Les Colognes range of perfumes is designed by Louis Vuitton is such a way that it captures the essence of California. The long Pacific Coast Highway, the stylish convertible cars, the flowers, plants, and the desert all play a role and are the inspiration behind these perfumes. There are three perfumes in the collection – Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim depicting the Californian summer in a great way.

The Les Colognes Range by Louis Vuitton

The sun, the sky, the cars, the beautiful beaches, the gardens, and the Pacific Ocean are all inspiration for the Les Colognes range by Louis Vuitton. The raw materials, fruits, herbs, leaves and flowers used to make these perfumes have been sourced from all over the world. Alex Israel is a famous multimedia artist and filmmaker and Louis Vuitton hired this artist to design the artwork and colors for each of the three perfumes. Yellow was picked for the perfume Sun Song, the Green for Cactus Garden and Blue for Afternoon Swim. This is a new range of perfumes designed in 2019 and is ideal for the summer months.

Louis Vuitton Les Colognes – Sun Song

The first perfume in this collection is the Sun Song perfume which showcases the sunny landscapes of this region and a clean, fresh and floral perfume. It is a perfect perfume for the season and has a vivid scent ideal for the summer. It is made by using a composition of orange blossoms, citron, and musks and is great for regular use or for a vacation to a beach destination in the summer months. This is a unisex perfume and the fragrance is created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Les Colognes – Cactus Garden

Another perfume for the Les Colognes range is the Cactus Garden perfume. This perfume is another Unisex perfume by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and it is known for the leafy aroma of yerba mate. It also has strong notes of Calabrian bergamot and has bursts of lemongrass. It has a tropic forest yet desert-style scent to it perfect for the summer and a great depiction of California. It has a beautiful fresh tea-like and orange fragrance that makes it a perfect summery fragrance that works well with the season.

Louis Vuitton Les Colognes – Afternoon Swim

The whole experience of this perfume called Afternoon Swim is the concept of plunging into the ocean and a day by the beach. It is a perfume designed to capture the essence of a sunny holiday. Orange, bergamot, mandarin gives it a strong citrus note and this is another fresh fragrance designed for Louis Vuitton by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. This is a fresh unisex perfume that showcases the feel of an endless summer on the Californian coast. Afternoon Swim is a wonderful perfume ideal for casual outings in the summer.

Louis Vuitton is one of the best brands in the world and these perfumes are available all over the world. Louis Vuitton is a premiere and expensive brand and always uses the best raw materials and process for all their products. Louis Vuitton perfumes have been popular for decades and Louis Vuitton’s new Les Colognes range of perfumes look quite exciting for the summer.…

Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Ideas Buy Dad Scent Story

Father’s Day is an important holiday and a great time for parents and children to spend time together and appreciate fathers in the family. It is ridiculously hard to shop for men and even harder to shop for fathers. One of the time tested gift is perfumes as a Father’s Day gift. Perfumes are classic, useful and can even be considered as a stylish gift for dads all over the world. There are many international luxury brands that sell different types of men’s perfumes which are designed using various ingredients and one perfume can smell very different from another. The scent can be chosen based on personal favorite fragrances and perfumers always believe that there should be a story attached to the gift making the perfume extra special.

Perfumes as Gifts

Different types of perfumes appeal differently to men based on their personalities and personal choice. Some perfumes are legendary and many famous personalities have used them and also there are many interesting back-stories to many perfumes. Choosing a perfume with great history and back story which most fathers will love for Father’s Day is a good choice. For example, giving a special perfume for father’s Day that was the first perfume designed for men is a great idea. The following are some of the Best Perfumes that can be gifted to fathers on Father’s Day:

Top Perfumes as Father’s Day Gifts

Caron- Pour Un Homme

This is a masculine fragrance which was launched in 1934 and was one of the first men’s perfumes marketed on the planet. This perfume is made by using different plant extracts and essential fragrances. Some of the main ingredients and notes included in this perfume include lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and lemon. It also includes base notes of vanilla, tonka, musk, and moss. This is a great fragrance for men popular for more than half a century and clary sage, rose, rosewood and cedar woods are also included in this fragrance and are a top choice for a Father’s Day gift.
Comme Des Garcon- Odeur 53

Comme Des Garcon is a famous perfume company and Odeur 53 is a famous men’s perfume by this brand. This is a great fragrance for men and is part of the Anti-Perfume series by this brand. It has very non-traditional fragrance notes including fragrances like metal, sans dunes, nail polish, and even burnt rubber to name a few. The name of the perfume is Odeur 53 because it has 53 different fragrances and notes that combine together to form a really good perfume for men making it perfect for Father’s Day.
Beaufort London – 1805 Tonnerre

Beaufort London is a perfume brand in the United Kingdom and the 1805 Tonnerre which is a leading perfume for men from this brand. It is part of their famous “Come Hell or High Water” collection. 1805 Tonnerre is available in a stylish masculine bottle and is perfect as a Father’s Day gift. Some of the notes and ingredients are part of this fragrance and the top notes are lime, smoke, and gunpowder making it a very masculine fragrance. It also has notes of brandy, amber, fir balsam and cedar wood. It is a reasonably priced perfume, perfect for a luxurious Father’s Day gift idea.

Dior – Eau Sauvage

Dior is a famous international fashion brand and has many iconic perfumes part of their perfume department. One of the best perfumes for men created by Dior is the Dior Eau Sauvage. This perfume is perfect for men and it is the first men’s perfume by the iconic Christian Dior brand. Dior launched this perfume in the 1960s and it is a great choice for a Father’s Day gift. Some of the notes and fragrances in the perfume include lemon, bergamot, cumin, rosemary, jasmine, and musk to name a few.

Creed – Green Irish Tweed

Launched in the 1980s this is a great masculine fragrance. Main fragrances and notes in this perfume are verbena and lemon. It also has many other ingredients like a violet leaf, Mysore sandalwood, iris, and ambergris. It is an iconic macho perfume perfect as a gift to fathers on Father’s Day.
Father’s Day is a special day for not just dads but for the entire family. It is difficult to buy the perfect gifts for men, especially for dads. Father’s Day perfume gift is one of the easiest gifts to buy and also a perfectly useful gift for dads.…