It is advisable to maintain some distance from Cologne and Toxic Perfumes as they can be an addiction

Do you really feel that your behaviour is being controlled by your perfume or cologne? Do you really feel that the perfume you are using is addictive? The different fragrance that we use functions differently in the human body. There are some points which we help us to know how do perfumes affect and control humans.

Narcotic substances are present in the fragrance:

The chemicals that are present in the fragrance contains substances which have the properties of narcotics. The amount of narcotics produced is not very high but it makes an individual dependent on the fragrance which makes the person use the same fragrance on a repetitive basis and does not allow to withdraw. According to a study it was found that the fast-moving consumer goods like perfume, cologne, nail polishes, nail polish remover, air freshener, detergent soap, body lotion, bathing soap etc contain chemicals such as linalool, ethyl acetate and benzaldehyde which contains narcotic properties.

The manufacturers of fragrance add numerous chemicals to it, the effects of which on the human body is known to the manufacturer, the formula of making a fragrance is a trick which is easily sellable and hence the same is not disclosed. The fragrance contains hundreds of ingredients which together are of addictive nature, any single ingredient of is not much of a concern.

Usage of Perfume or Cologne should be avoided when we are around somebody who has MCS.

It is very difficult to keep away people from using perfumes of cologne around someone who is suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). People often deny that they won’t stop using perfumes as they are already addicted to a particular fragrance, or in many cases, people often forget to keep a check on the usage of cologne or perfumes. It then becomes difficult for people with MCS to stay around people who are addicted to perfumes.

Difference between Compassion and Addiction.

Compassion refers to the feeling of sensitivity towards any homeless or stray dogs and cats which is very helpful in many projects of charity, compassion can also be towards our parents or grandparents, but the effect of the fragrance of perfume has almost negligible compassion. The addiction of cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol are no less from that of the addiction of perfume or cologne. The person who is addicted to a drug would not let anybody stop him from consuming any particular drug the same is the case in addiction to a perfume or cologne.

The fragrance is addictive emotionally as well.

The fragrance of any deodorant or perfume is not only physically addictive but is addictive emotionally as well. The fragrance is addictive emotionally as the fragrance enters the subconscious part of the brain through the olfactory pathway which is present there in the brain. The lining of the olfactory pathway helps us in responding to a fragrance involuntarily. The limbic system which is the primitive region first receives the olfactory nerves. The limbic system deals with motivation, memory and emotions, and is situated below the cerebral cortex. The emotional tone of a person helps in regulating and determining the limbic system. The limbic system helps us in the formation of memories and the identification of various senses. The limbic system helps in responding to fragrance and also helps in the association of memories which is why fragrance and memory are interrelated. In other words, when we smell a fragrance it also affects us emotionally and if we have any memory attached to a particular fragrance we will be able to easily recall the same.

Stimulating compounds are also present in perfumes and cologne.

t has been found when the zookeepers of the zoo named Toronto zoo sprayed Calvin Klein perfume, it has more obsession as compared to any other perfume and it stimulates the activity of reproduction. Similar is the case in Dallas zoo where the cat was so attracted to a towel which had the fragrance of the perfume Calvin Klein Men which proves that not only the humans but then the animals even are addicted or attracted to a particular perfume or cologne. The reaction of animals to perfume helps us to know that the manufacturers are producing such a fragrance which attracts us physiologically and emotionally as well.

Best cologne for men contains molecules which are small and organic and is known as Pheromones which helps in the stimulation of sexual desire in both humans and animals which is confirmed by the manufacturer that there is a nerve called the Nerve O which is the secret sex nerve present in the back of the nasal cavity which is stimulated with the presence of Pheromones in the perfumes. It helps in finding a perfect partner for oneself. It stimulates the desire of getting intimate with one’s better half and the person is not conscious about the happenings. The functions of pheromones present in the perfume, especially in the case of women perfume have been tried and tested in the year 2004 in the study of women postmenopausal which helped us in knowing that by using pheromones in the perfumes the affection of romance has been increased in their life. As the perfumes contain pheromones it stimulates the sexual desires and also contains substances of narcotics which is very addictive.

What makes cologne and perfumes so popular?

The human body has its own scent which is not pleasant because of which people are crazy about using perfumes. Putting on perfume helps in defining that we are very clean and tidy. A clean house or a clean cloth must have a distinctive fragrance which helps in the reassurance that the cloth or the house is clean. Using perfume when one is getting dressed up makes dressing up complete.


Perfumes and colognes contain a very strong fragrance which affects humans emotionally, psychologically and also affects the hormonal health of an individual. The effects are the same for somebody who uses it and for someone who smells it, but there are some negative impacts of the fragrance of a perfume or cologne on humans such as headache, eating compulsively, not being able to think clearly, congestion of sinus etc. The usage of any perfume or cologne when applied Perfectly should be very moderate so that there are no negative impacts of the same.

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