Boulder Perfumer Creates Scent Culture Wins for Colorado

Perfume making is a science as well as an art and many people look for local unique perfumes that are not generic and have a rare and pleasurable scent. Many people tend to buy popular perfumes like Miss Dior and Channel No. 5 but buying perfumes from world-class perfumers who sell locally is always a great option. One of the top perfumers in America is Spencer Hurwitz. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is the owner of DSH Perfumes and has had a nearly 30-year career in perfume making. She has made thousands of perfumes over the years and has a loyal clientele looking for top perfumes made of natural ingredients. This perfumer resides in Boulder Colorado but has won many international perfume awards and is famous all over the world.


The Essential Studio

Spencer Hurwitz is a synesthete which is a rare sensory ability that makes her see colors when she smells fragrances. This pioneer of American Indie Perfumery can smell perfume and determine the various ingredients that have been added to make the perfume as she has made thousands of perfumes in her career. The Essence Studio is a small brick storefront located on North Broadway in Boulder Colorado. The store is designed in such a way that it has a vintage vibe with a beautiful overhead chandelier, a green vintage couch and is a completely different type of store than an average departmental store that sells perfume. Tourists not just from various states in America but from places like Belgium visit the store especially to buy the various types of perfumes sold at the store. Spencer Hurwitz personally harvests the botanicals that are needed for the perfumes and the essential oils are distilled by Eric Bresselsmith.

Clientele and Internships

The store has had a loyal clientele for decades. Recently Spencer Hurwitz created a perfume which had been discontinued especially for a client in her 90s who used to use it when she was a girl. The Essence Studio is very famous and the clientele is not restricted to locals from Boulder but also tourists visiting Boulder from all over the world. The clientele includes documentary filmmakers, writers, and artists and many noted personalities from all over the world. Over the last few decades, many famous people have done internships at the store including former costume designer Amber Jobin who is now an award-winning perfumer in Denver.
Colorado – An Award-Winning Perfume by Spencer Hurwitz

American Perfumer asked Spencer Hurwitz to create a scent that captures the culture and spirit of the state of Colorado. A scent called Colorado was created by Spencer Hurwitz and this scent has become very popular and was given the Golden Pear award at the 6th Annual Art and Olfaction Award in Amsterdam. The perfume has a musky and clean scent which includes many types of ingredients that are found in the state of Colorado. The perfume became so popular that the limited edition batch was sold out and there are talks about a second batch of the famous perfume. Some enthusiasts could also get a whiff of the perfume at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s “Museum After Dark: Perception” exhibit gala.

Famous Perfumes by Spencer Hurwitz

Besides Colorado, there are many other perfumes that have been made by this perfumer that have become very popular all over the country. This includes Wild Coyote which is made primarily by using the famous Ylang Ylang flower. Other notes in this perfume include magnolia, yellow orchids, jasmine, golden champaca, frankincense, sandalwood, and vanilla. Another top perfume from this brand is the Avocado Toast. As the name suggests this perfume is created to pay homage to the famous Avocado Toast which is a popular breakfast and brunch item these days. This perfume scent was considered a Hipster Skin Scent as it is a fresh, creamy and juicy scent with a toasty warm caramelization complimentary vibe to it. It also has notes of coffee and earl grey tea that is often had with Avocado Toast for breakfast in the morning.

Perfumes are generally created using fruits and plants but perfume is not just about the ingredients but about creating a story and inspiration that reminds people wearing the perfume about something special. Spencer Hurwitz is a top perfume maker in America and has been influential in the indie perfumery scene in the country.

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