Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Ideas Buy Dad Scent Story

Father’s Day is an important holiday and a great time for parents and children to spend time together and appreciate fathers in the family. It is ridiculously hard to shop for men and even harder to shop for fathers. One of the time tested gift is perfumes as a Father’s Day gift. Perfumes are classic, useful and can even be considered as a stylish gift for dads all over the world. There are many international luxury brands that sell different types of men’s perfumes which are designed using various ingredients and one perfume can smell very different from another. The scent can be chosen based on personal favorite fragrances and perfumers always believe that there should be a story attached to the gift making the perfume extra special.

Perfumes as Gifts

Different types of perfumes appeal differently to men based on their personalities and personal choice. Some perfumes are legendary and many famous personalities have used them and also there are many interesting back-stories to many perfumes. Choosing a perfume with great history and back story which most fathers will love for Father’s Day is a good choice. For example, giving a special perfume for father’s Day that was the first perfume designed for men is a great idea. The following are some of the Best Perfumes that can be gifted to fathers on Father’s Day:

Top Perfumes as Father’s Day Gifts

Caron- Pour Un Homme

This is a masculine fragrance which was launched in 1934 and was one of the first men’s perfumes marketed on the planet. This perfume is made by using different plant extracts and essential fragrances. Some of the main ingredients and notes included in this perfume include lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and lemon. It also includes base notes of vanilla, tonka, musk, and moss. This is a great fragrance for men popular for more than half a century and clary sage, rose, rosewood and cedar woods are also included in this fragrance and are a top choice for a Father’s Day gift.
Comme Des Garcon- Odeur 53

Comme Des Garcon is a famous perfume company and Odeur 53 is a famous men’s perfume by this brand. This is a great fragrance for men and is part of the Anti-Perfume series by this brand. It has very non-traditional fragrance notes including fragrances like metal, sans dunes, nail polish, and even burnt rubber to name a few. The name of the perfume is Odeur 53 because it has 53 different fragrances and notes that combine together to form a really good perfume for men making it perfect for Father’s Day.
Beaufort London – 1805 Tonnerre

Beaufort London is a perfume brand in the United Kingdom and the 1805 Tonnerre which is a leading perfume for men from this brand. It is part of their famous “Come Hell or High Water” collection. 1805 Tonnerre is available in a stylish masculine bottle and is perfect as a Father’s Day gift. Some of the notes and ingredients are part of this fragrance and the top notes are lime, smoke, and gunpowder making it a very masculine fragrance. It also has notes of brandy, amber, fir balsam and cedar wood. It is a reasonably priced perfume, perfect for a luxurious Father’s Day gift idea.

Dior – Eau Sauvage

Dior is a famous international fashion brand and has many iconic perfumes part of their perfume department. One of the best perfumes for men created by Dior is the Dior Eau Sauvage. This perfume is perfect for men and it is the first men’s perfume by the iconic Christian Dior brand. Dior launched this perfume in the 1960s and it is a great choice for a Father’s Day gift. Some of the notes and fragrances in the perfume include lemon, bergamot, cumin, rosemary, jasmine, and musk to name a few.

Creed – Green Irish Tweed

Launched in the 1980s this is a great masculine fragrance. Main fragrances and notes in this perfume are verbena and lemon. It also has many other ingredients like a violet leaf, Mysore sandalwood, iris, and ambergris. It is an iconic macho perfume perfect as a gift to fathers on Father’s Day.
Father’s Day is a special day for not just dads but for the entire family. It is difficult to buy the perfect gifts for men, especially for dads. Father’s Day perfume gift is one of the easiest gifts to buy and also a perfectly useful gift for dads.

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